Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cotton Silk

gôrjəs cotton silk for sale.. pls click link below..

ada juga lain-lain fabrik yang available for sale... see below page

kalau tak sure pasal material, pls tanya... i'll explain little bit more .. anyone yang nak meet up to see, feel the material.. you are most welcome.. buat date dulu k.. happy shopping .. muahs..

sorry this round stock banyak kena sambar dgn regular customer kat opis ni..

Monday, January 31, 2011


ALL DESIGN FOR RM20 per meter
on selected item as below.. more discount for purchase above RM200

Material : Lycra jersey unless indicated otherwise
Bidang : 60"
Length : upon request (pls note that there are design that 1.2meter/or less left.. so yang itu tak boleh nak potong lagi ye. hope u gals understand)

Please use new codes as below.. all codings before 2011 consider obsolete yer

PJ001 (STOCK : 1.9M, 0.8M,0.8M)

PJ002 (STOCK : sold out)
PJ003 (STOCK : sold out)
PJ004 (STOCK : sold out)
PJ005 (STOCK : sold out)
PJ006 (STOCK : 1.9M, 0.8M,0.8M)
PJ007 (STOCK : sold out)
PJ008 (STOCK : sold out)
PJ009 (STOCK : 0.8M,0.8M)
PJ010 (STOCK : 1M, 0.8)
PJ011 (STOCK : 2M, 0.8M)
PJ012(STOCK : sold out)
PJ013 (STOCK : sold out
PJ014 (STOCK : 2M, 1M,1M)
PJ015 (STOCK : sold out

PJ016 (STOCK : sold out)

PJ017 (STOCK : 0.9M)
PJ018 (STOCK : 0.7M)

PJ019 (STOCK : 2M)

PJ020 (STOCK : sold out

PJ022 (STOCK : 2M, 1m cotton jersey)

PJ022 (STOCK : 0.7M, cotton jersey)
PJ023 (STOCK : 1.5m,
cotton jersey)

PJ025 (STOCK : 2M,1M)
PJ026 (STOCK :

PJ027 (STOCK :
PJ028 (STOCK : 1
PJ029 (STOCK : 1.9M)
PJ030 (STOCK : 1.7M)
PJ031 (STOCK : 2M, 1m)

PJ032 (STOCK : 2M, 1m)
PJ033 (STOCK : 1m)
PJ033 (STOCK : 1m)
PJ034 (STOCK : 0.5m)
PJ035 (STOCK : 2M, 1m)